Thursday, December 4, 2014

Great Lakes Science Center

In celebration of Sophia's birthday, our family ventured north to Cleveland's Great Lakes Science Center. To my surprise it was right on the banks of Lake Erie... and next to the Cleveland Brown's football stadium.

First we went to the NASA Glenn exhibit to see the actual vessel, which transported John Glenn back from space. Then they also had one that the kids could climb in and see what an astronaut would see. Not a lot of space, but both of them managed to squeeze in.

There were also simulations for landing and takeoff.... Brian the computer whiz helped them on that one.

Then they had activities which showed you how high rockets go on ignition based on the amount of fuel injected. Connor LOVED this.... he didn't want to leave.

They also got to try and use space gloves to see how difficult it is to use them to try and work in space using the suit.

We also have them "suited" up.

Ever wonder how astronauts stay in shape when they arrive at the space station? Why a stationary bike of course. Mom showed the kiddos how it's done. Ainsley was the GPS keeping me on track.

They also got to do another simulation of the NASA command center.

Then they had a BioMed clinic where we couldn't take Connor away from the DNA puzzle blocks.

Then we moved upstairs for sound and instruments. What kid doesn't like noise?

Then they had optical illusion mirrors, mist tornadoes, wind vortex, among other things.

Then they had a baseball pit so you could see how fast you could throw a ball. Brian beat us all.

Also they had blocks to attempt to make an arch... Connor found it more fun to just stack and tumble instead.

A skateboard balance thing... which let me say... I've got excellent balance.

While it was fairly expensive, the kids had fun learning and we as parents enjoyed helping them explore.... and playing with some of the toys ourself. :)

For more information about the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio click HERE.

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