Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Interlochen Lights

Since living in Arlington, I had heard several people comment about going to Interlochen to drive by and see the Christmas lights. Year after year we've either forgotten, been too busy, or away. Since Brian has been away, me versus three has left me struggling to find things to do with the kids to keep them occupied. Lately there has been a lot of Xbox Dance Central happening at the house. But I got notice that tonight was the first night to tour the Christmas lights at Interlochen.

We contacted the Crows and had them join us for tonight's activity!

There were lights everywhere! Almost every house was decorated for the occasion!

My favorite was the "Christmas Story" house. Notice the box - Fragile? And if you can see.... there is a leg lamp in the window. I'm not a fan of the movie Christmas story but I just loved the house.

I also loved all the trees that were decorated.

The kids loved seeing all the characters that were lit up.

I was glad to see some houses had nativity scenes. Kinda nice to see that some people remembered the reason behind Christmas.

And don't forget... tonight was the second night of Hannakah.

As you can tell... the kids had a great time!

And since it was the first night, and a rainy night, and a weeknight, we got lucky and didn't have to deal with a lot of traffic as we drove through. My only regret was that Brian was not with us. Perhaps next year.

For those in the area interested in seeing the Christmas lights at Interlochen, click HERE for more information.

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