Friday, January 2, 2015

Quick Stop in Omaha

After spending a few days in Kansas, we decided to make a quick trip north to visit family and friends in Omaha, Nebraska. The snow was a pleasant surprise. Would have wished for more, but wasn't going to complain.

First stop was to visit Aunt Suzi and her cat Napoli. We spent some time making wish lists at Borsheims (Brian not impressed), going out to eat, and then just hanging out and having fun!

Then we stopped and saw Mike and Lorena Weddle. It was a full house as they had some of their kids and grandkids there as well.

And they even got out the sled so the kids could enjoy the little bit of snow on the ground.

Before we left, Lorena brought out the glow sticks and we had a rave party. I got some amazing photos.

Connor was so worn out by the end of our trip, he zonked out. As we loaded the kids in the car and were telling Mike & Lorena bye, Connor piped up and said "Bye. I love you." I think that pretty much sums up our entire trip to Nebraska. Goodbye Nebraska. Goodbye Friends. Goodbye Family. We love you.

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