Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tree Take Down

Since we've been gone, we are fairly late with taking down our Christmas tree. However, if you look at keeping the tree up until Christmas is over (The Feast of the Epiphany)... well then we are right on target! I let Ainsley play with the tree prior to demolition. I still had unpacking and other chores to accomplish.

Sophie did an amazing job by helping me take down ornaments and later playing with Ainsley so I could take down ornaments. I think it actually took much longer to put up the Christmas tree than it did to take down. (Note- There were 4 people helping put up and decorate the tree this year)

Afterwards, Sophie got a snack and Ainsley crashed with her feet straight up in the air. It was hilarious. Zonked out... dead to the world... feet and butt in the air. Taking down the tree must have been pretty traumatizing for baby girl.

Needless to say, taking down the tree was made easier by the view from our windows. Definitely doesn't look like winter out there does it? Yeah.... it was in the 50s. Big change from Wichita weather.

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