Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Project- Bison

When I get stressed, creating art helps me to relax. Now sometimes the art doesn't turn out too great and no one sees it except my family. And eventually it is usually thrown out or recycled into something else I like better. Having Pintrest also helps me when I'm stressed, because there are always so many good ideas it's great to have direction.

I saw on Pintrest someone taking random strips of magazine photos and creating a picture of a bear. And recently I saw a beautiful watercolor painting of a buffalo. However, I wasn't too thrilled about the color (blue) nor the price ($100). So I decided to create my own strip art of a buffalo silhouette. I think it turned out fantastic!

I cut strips from 8 full page glossy photos from National Geographic magazine. One was of a brown cave painting from France. Another was a picture of a very old skull with the stars in the background. Another was colors from space with the stars. Then I had a picture of a very busy street in India with these beautiful yellow cabs sprinkled throughout the photo. Another was bright red lava erupting from a volcano in the night sky. Then there was these African women draped in different colors of purple for a celebration. And another picture of African men playing golf on a very cloudy day. And lastly, there was a picture of a bald eagle flying near the surface of some water. I didn't place the pictures in a pattern, but just kind of pick and chose as I went along. And I think the result was amazing. And I like that no two could really ever be the same.

I used a silhouette from Google images of buffalo and hand drew it onto the canvas. The canvas I actually painted white as there was one of my previous "I'm stressed" paintings on there that I wasn't so thrilled about. However, I thought another idea would be sometime to paint the canvas with a bright or dark color and then reverse it so that the silhouette is done in varying pictures in neutral colors. But personally, I find I like what I did best at the moment.

And I've already got plans for my next project-

Lockers you may ask..... yes..... but don't laugh because they may soon look like this.... although definitely not pink.

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