Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring at the Japanese Gardens

This weekend, we decided to enjoy the blessings of spring at the Japanese Gardens at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. 

According to the Texas State Standards for Kindergarten, Sophie needs to understand and distinguish traits of all 4 seasons. Winter was pretty easy to grasp considering we had 3 snow days in March, which was really rare for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Likewise, Autumn (or Fall) wasn't too hard to understand considering she's been helping me clean up all the fallen leaves in the backyard. But separating spring and summer has been kind of difficult. Which is understandable, Texas is HOT in the spring and it's HOTTER in the summer. We have a weather chart and have been tracking the weather this March. Sophie's hypothesis is that there will be more 'rainy' days in March. Connor's hypothesis was for more 'snowy' days in March. So far though, I think there will be more 'sunny' days in March... with rainy days coming in second.

Anyway, the best way to teach spring, is going and seeing all the flowers and leaves in bloom. And what better place than the gardens. 

Plus it includes the kids expelling all kinds of energy, which is good news for everyone. Even Ainsley and my mom enjoyed the scenery. 

And while the koi pond really doesn't have anything to do with spring, we had to feed the fishes anyway.

The gardens were beautiful and the shade helped against the afternoon heat. Although it was in the upper 80s, the kids didn't seem to mind. They were too busy hopping from one place to the next.

 No better way to 'ring in spring' than a trip to the gardens. And bluebonnet season is approaching so I know we'll have more flower pictures on the blog again soon.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Something to Say

My youngest has something she just has to say.

Girl Time at the Fort Worth Zoo

This week we had some 'Girl Time' at the Fort Worth Zoo.

We learned that Sophie is taller and more stylish than a Chimpanzee...

 ... shorter and more colorful than an Emperor Penguin....

... ranges between a Port Jackson shark and an Epaulette shark in size....

... is fearless when it comes to touching snakes....

... and loves her baby sister.

The day was perfect.... well until it got past noon. Then it just got too hot. However, the ice cream helped us keep our cool for awhile.

It took awhile for Ainsley to get interested in the animals, but Sophie was constantly running around point at the all the animals.

Ainsley and I were the slow ones.

However, Sophie did pretty well waiting for us as I took pictures and tried to get Ainsley to see the animals inside their enclosures. And if there was a bronze statue of an animal around... you could guarantee Sophie spent her free time waiting for us climbing around that with the other kids.

At the end of the day through as we were soaked in sweat and entering the van to head home, I got told I was an awesome mom. Yup.... totally worth it!