Thursday, March 12, 2015

Botanica Scavenger Hunt

Today the temperature got much better in the afternoon and we took the kids to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to complete a scavenger hunt that the park provided. It ranked things into "see", "smell", "hear", and "touch".

On the list could be found: squirrels, roses, worms, footprints to see; birds, waterfalls, rustling leaves to hear; pine cones, berries, and lemons to smell; and trees and pine cones to feel among other things.

We got through most of it. However, there are a few more that I think should have been added to the list, because we sure could have marked those off the list:

See- a mom with 3 kids, kids doing what they were told NOT to do, and a kid washing her hands in a water fountain.

Hear- Someone saying "Stop that", "Why aren't you listening?", and "Pay attention"; and a baby crying for over 10 minutes as we rushed back to the car.

Smell- Stinky feet as the kids decided to remove their shoes once back in the car.

Feel- a stroller that attempts to run away.

I think we'll avoid the gardens awhile. Hopefully by then, the kids will have settled down and the other visitors won't remember the frazzled mom who tried desperately to keep up with her children.

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