Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Date in Dallas

While Grammy Oney watched the kiddos, Brian and I got a whole 24 hours WITHOUT children. We decided to spend it walking around and seeing all the sights and activities within Dallas, specifically Downtown, Uptown, West End, and Art District. Many of our pictures can be found on the previous blog post in the powerpoint/slideshow/Smilebox, but here are a few of us that were left out.

And I have to add my favorite pictures of the chapel at Thanksgiving Square. I'm still amazed that we discovered this little hidden gem. Just gorgeous.

Also in random areas of Dallas, there are a B G signs. We found 3 of them while walking around.

Another unexpected thing we found walking around... a Barton. That's right. We are everywhere! This one was dead, but hey.... worth of photograph.

We walked over 7 miles (information provided thanks to Brian's fitbit). But even then, when we reached the CityPlace/Uptown underground DART station.... Brian decided to take the escalator up 8 flights of stairs, while I took the stairs. My quads did not thank me for that decision and Brian thought it was hilarious watching me trudge up all those stairs after walking over 7 miles around Dallas.

It was so nice to spend time with Brian. At least we know we can still tolerate each other after 8 years.

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