Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Trip to the Perot Museum

Monday was rainy and so it was the perfect time to do an indoor activity. Unfortunately thousands of people thought the same thing and decided to join us as we went to the Perot Museum in downtown Dallas.

The kiddos got to discover animals in their habitats.

 Carmen- I think someone got Boris the Javelina.

See microscopic worms.

Slices of the body. Real pieces of humans people.

Heat signatures.

Can you find Ainsley's heat signature from the stroller?

Wind tunnels. One of Connor's favorites.



Gems & Minerals. My favorite.

Energy. I think the museum should run on physical energy of kid attendees.

Overall very fun, but very very very worn out! The Perot Museum is perfect for all school-age children and up. One thing to try and avoid though is crowds. The place was packed and difficult to move around and see some of the exhibits. For more information on the Perot Museum click HERE.

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