Monday, March 30, 2015

Girl Time at the Fort Worth Zoo

This week we had some 'Girl Time' at the Fort Worth Zoo.

We learned that Sophie is taller and more stylish than a Chimpanzee...

 ... shorter and more colorful than an Emperor Penguin....

... ranges between a Port Jackson shark and an Epaulette shark in size....

... is fearless when it comes to touching snakes....

... and loves her baby sister.

The day was perfect.... well until it got past noon. Then it just got too hot. However, the ice cream helped us keep our cool for awhile.

It took awhile for Ainsley to get interested in the animals, but Sophie was constantly running around point at the all the animals.

Ainsley and I were the slow ones.

However, Sophie did pretty well waiting for us as I took pictures and tried to get Ainsley to see the animals inside their enclosures. And if there was a bronze statue of an animal around... you could guarantee Sophie spent her free time waiting for us climbing around that with the other kids.

At the end of the day through as we were soaked in sweat and entering the van to head home, I got told I was an awesome mom. Yup.... totally worth it!

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