Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Purge Purge Purge

As we attempt to purge or cleanse our soul and lifestyle during Lent, I think Lent is an ideal time to purge our home as well. Sometimes I think we put too much dependency on things. With kids I know we won't have a simplistic life for awhile, but I get humbled by reading about a simple lifestyle (i.e. See Corries' simple lifestyle living in the "bush" in the great state of Alaska by clicking here). So with that in mind guiding me, plus my German genetics driving me to clean... and not just clean, but eat off the floor, organized, don't miss that spot CLEAN, I have been cleaning. I have been cleaning cabinets, floors, closets, and every nook, cranny, storage, furniture, and item in sight. Hopefully after the German voice in my head simply smiles with satisfaction and my hands no longer smell of clorox and disinfectant, I'll be back to blogging and posting more pictures again soon.

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