Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Return to the Log Cabin Village

About two years ago, Connor, Sophie, and I went to the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth. To access that blog post click HERE, but here is a picture of Sophie and Connor when we went in September 2012.

And this is a picture of Sophie and Connor from this week at the Log Cabin Village.

Quite a change. Here is Sophie with Ainsley.

Unlike the last time we went... all the exhibits and cabins were open. At one of the cabins the woman showed us how they made clothes from a sheep's wool using the tools available then.

Next we went to the play cabin, where we had to first accessorize with some hats. Thank goodness they had a "hands on" cabin where they could play with all the toys. I even got little A out to play.

Next, we went to the Parker cabin. Cynthia Anne Parker was captured by Indians at a young age. She then married the chief and her son- Quannah Parker took over ruling the tribe after his father died. We teach about them in Texas History. Anyway, this is the cabin where Cynthia Anne Parker spent part of her life in before her capture and after her return to Anglo civilization.

Then even though it's spring break, we sent the kiddos to school.

And LaNelle and I spent some time getting our "teacher-mode" on.

Apparently back then there were some interesting rules for students AND teachers.

Next we stopped by the blacksmith shop.

And then the gristmill. The kids didn't particularly seem to care. I think they were getting worn out.

Connor spent some of his time playing with the sticks while another woman in a cabin explained the history behind that particular hut.

One of the ladies did show the kids how to make candles. Sophie dipped her candle in hot wax... Connor was more interested in dragging the wicks along the ground. I was grateful when she announced it was time to put them back on the stand. I imagine that if Connor tried to dip it in hot wax he would have either thrown it in or tried to stick his whole arm in.

The kiddos and I had a great time and perhaps might return another time.

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