Thursday, March 5, 2015

Updated Space- School Center

During the summer, my kids are getting educated. During snow days, my kids are getting educated. We seem to always be trying to teach our kids, and in the process we have things kind of scattered everywhere. Lined paper and the pencil jar in the kitchen; workbooks in the closet; books slovenly stacked and restacked on the bookshelf in the "toy room"; and coloring paper and crayons in the filing cabinet. I found an amazing solution while browsing around Pintrest:

I came home with this:

And together I created this space. It's bright and cheerful. And I still need to remove some of the drawers... but it's coming together nicely. I even added hooks on the side so when Sophie gets home from school, she hangs her backpack on it so it's off the floor and out of the way. 

Even Ainsley has her little command station next to the lockers. Of course, sometimes it's nice to spend it as a family on the floor. 

Lately it's been perfect for hanging up our continents. :)

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