Saturday, April 4, 2015

March Science Report Out

In March the kids had 2 questions:

Question 1- During the month of March, what kind of weather will we have most of the days?

Sophie's hypothesis (Rainy) and Connor's hypothesis (Snowy) were both wrong as you can see from the results she graphed out.

Question 2- Which plant would grow the tallest during the month of March?

We've been measuring and watching our garden grow. Probably been my favorite part these past few weeks. Kids have enjoyed going outside to watch and water the plants as well.

Sophie drew picture of the plants as they were about a month old on her journal so we can track their progress and changes... not just their height.

And I couldn't help but take pictures of them as well.

We have 2 more questions and 2 more hypothesis from my 2 little students. We are well on our way to tracking and graphing our Texas garden and weather.

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