Monday, April 27, 2015

Turtle Time

On our morning walk, we found the largest box turtle. I loaded him up on the back of the stroller and let him hang out in a diaper box at our house until it was time to pick Sophie up from school.

When we went to pick up Sophie, all the kids just loved the turtle. Mrs. Booker, however, was not interested in having a new pet... I guess the caterpillars were enough. However, Ian's teacher, Mrs. Burke (1st grade teacher) was happy to take care of him with her students until returning him to his habitat a week or two later. 

I love how nature is providing us with so many educational opportunities to teach our children. But I'm also thrilled I don't have to attempt to keep another living thing alive. A dog is pretty easy... dog food, water, poop outside, leash...etc. A turtle? Lots of questions.... few guesses... no experience or knowledge. Yup... enjoyed the turtle for the day and the joy he brought, but glad the school is sharing the joy and the responsibility for keeping him alive.

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