Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mom- According to Sophie

At school, Sophie with the help of her teacher, answered the following questions about her mother. Below are the 12 questions and her answers. My comments are in parenthesis.

1. What is your mother's name? Stacy
2. How old is she? 24 (HA HA HA HA.... LOVE IT!)
3. How tall is she? 64 feet (I am a giantess I guess)
4. How much does she weigh? 5 lbs. (A fricken thin giantess.... I can be ok with this)
5. What color is her hair? brown and black (Well at least it's not white or grey I guess)
6. What does she do around the house? Cleans up when we play (Can I hear an AMEN?)
7. What is her favorite drink? Cherry soda.
8. What is her favorite food? Chicken pizza
9. What is her favorite TV show? Funny shows and the news. (Am I getting old because I like the news?)
10. What does she cook? Mac and cheese. (Is it still considered cooking when it comes out of a blue box?)
11. Where does she like to go? To my grandparents houses. (Yeah... we visit Kansas a lot)
12. What is her favorite thing to do? Go to the farm.

I love my sweet girl. I hope she always sees me as a young thin giantess who travels, watches the news, and makes good food.... even if it does occasionally come from a blue box.

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