Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 3 in Alaska- Life Living in Alaska

We stopped in Tok to visit Nick's family. I got a better understanding of what life is like living in Alaska... or at least along the road system in Alaska.

The idea of buying an item is often overlooked and instead the average Alaskan consumer looks at how they themselves can create it. Usually by finding items typically disgarded. An example would be this sauna... created by Nick.

Or this smoker... again created by Nick.

And by gardening, they are able to cut the household expenses, therefore many have greenhouses to extend the growing season in Alaska. (Martin's garden is producing more in June in Alaska than mine in the same month in Texas.

Again you can see how inventive he was in the heating and watering of the various fruits and vegtables within his greenhouse.

Nick's dad has been working with his honeybees, so I got an insight into the whole honey making process. I even got to eat some pollen.... still not exactly sure whether I liked it or not. It's very difficult to explain the taste. The texture though is like circus peanuts (on a very small scale)... you know the nasty orange things that NO ONE eats... except for Brian.

Even in their homes you'll not find the 2nd living space or a formal dining room typically. Space is used wisely and efficiently. Here is Martin's dining room.

And the smaller the space, means the less energy to heat the home... which is vital during the winter months in Alaska.

While there I got an appreciation for engineering. I wish I had more of an engineering brain. If you believe the saying "Necessity is the mother of all invention", then I believe most of the state of Alaska is composed of engineers and inventors. You can bet Walmart doesn't make as much of a profit in Alaska than they do in the other states, like Texas, where we are addicted to a consumer society.

For much much more information on what life is really like in Alaska, you should go to his blog by clicking HERE. I just got a glimpse of the lifestyle and my brief impressions may be biased.

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