Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 3 in Alaska- The Pipeline

Just north of Fairbanks is an area where you can see and touch part of the Alaskan Pipeline. The end point of the Pipeline, we saw in Valdez.

And it continues to go all the way north to Prudoe Bay.

There were several times during our trip in which we'd look out the window and see the Alaskan pipeline heading north with us. However, it wasn't as easy to get out of the car and touch it until a small stop north of Fairbanks.

They use "pigs" to help clean the pipeline. The large rusted one is one of the ones first used when the pipeline was built.

Then apparently the innovation changed and these newer "pigs" are now used.

According to Corrie, it's ok to touch the pipeline, but not shoot it. Not that we had planned on doing that or even had that. She said that a few years ago someone shot at the pipeline and they weren't seen from again. It's considered an act of terrorism to attempt or succeed at harming the pipeline.

Again it was interesting to see and understand the engineering that took place to make the pipeline expand 800 miles across taiga and artic terrain.

For more pipeline facts and information, click HERE.

Otherwise, I'm done for day 3, as we simply made our way to Chena Hot Springs (Wedding location) for a good nights sleep.

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