Thursday, June 11, 2015

Uncle Ben & Big Rigs

This Thursday, Uncle Ben drove from Houston to spend some time with me and the kiddos. Previously I'd seen an ad about Cedar Hill's Big Machine Expo and Connor was so excited about going. Last time we were at the farm, Connor LOVED all of the machines from the tractors, the combines, the gator. He couldn't get enough. So I knew this would be right up his alley. And I thought who could really show them what it means to work with machines than Uncle Ben?!

 So we loaded up with Uncle Ben in tow and the kiddos were ready to go!

We saw a helicopter.

Lots of lawn equipment that the city uses for the grass along the highway, the parks, and the beside the city streets.

Then there was also a big rig! You had to walk out a bit to even see Sophie. It says Waste Mangement on the side, but it looked like it had towing equipment attached in back.

And for roadwork, they had out the small CAT. I think Papa has something similiar that he uses in Alma, so now he might have some willing helpers at the helm.

Connor loved the gator at the farm and wouldn't give up the steering wheel. He didn't get a chance to drive this one, but he got a fun ride around the block.

And I had to take a picture of the sewer truck. I told the kids it helped suck out water and trash from the sewer drains instead of telling them that it also sucks up fecal material. It didn't smell and no one decided to correct me on this so the kids were content with my answer.

The longer we were there the hotter it got, so Ainsley started spending more time chilling in the stroller.

Lastly we stopped by the firetrucks. The old one definitely was more interesting for me and it allowed all the kiddos to climb up and put out some fires!

We had a great time and I think the kids enjoyed sharing this memory with Uncle Ben!

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