Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 5 in Alaska- Wedding

The MAIN reason for this wonderful trip to Alaska was to participate/bear witness to Corrie Lambrecht and Nick Hruby uniting in marriage.

It was a small affair, but it was nice. Personable.

Loved the Alaskan fireweed in the bouquets. And I thought it conveyed their lifestyle as sports bottles were temporarily used to hold flowers.

 They were married at Chena Hot Springs Resort and the wedding took place in the Auroritorium. Basically a small hut with heaters and windows so during the winter, tourists can be "somewhat" indoors as they watch the northern lights dance across the night sky.

The hike up to the Auroritorium was not easy and definitely not a trek to take in "Sunday shoes" or heels. So most of us opted to hike up in our tennis shoes while carrying our dress shoes. Then once we arrived, we slid our tennis shoes under the table and put on our dress shoes.

 Here are a few pictures of the ceremony. I didn't take that many pictures (since there was a photographer), but here are a few of them that I have.

Brian and I were glad to be with them on this day and we wish them the best in their many years together.


  1. Congratulations to the couple! This is a really sweet blog you have. I am also getting married next year in one of the NYC wedding venues and I was also thinking about making a blog. I have long wanted to start a journal. Thanks, and have a happy 2018!