Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 6 in Alaska- Playing Around at Pioneer Park

Within Fairbanks, there is a place called Pioneer Park. It's hard to describe it because it's not an amusement park, or a nature park, but it's called a 'historic theme park'. Basically it includes large historical items, museums, shops, restaurants, and a playground all within it's grounds with no entry fee to enter.

Since we didn't have an unlimited amount of time to explore and Brian was still sore from the 10K, we basically visited some of the nearby basics. One of the first 2 things you see once you enter is President Harding's railcar from when he came to visit the state of Alaska and the riverboat named Nenana (which is also a town and a river in Alaska).

Next we visited the Gold Rush town, which had various buildings built during the early 1900s relocated to this site as long as plaques with the buildings historical information. Some of these buildings are now shops, restaurants, or even a dinner theatre. The building pictured below is a photography studio today, but during the 1900s, it was a brothel located in the red light district. Do you see the red light next to the door?

It was interesting to just understand how different society was there during the 1900s, compared to life in the 1900s on the continental US.

And just look at the distance! Not sure if you can see, but Dallas, TX is 3,065 miles away. Think of how long it would take us to get home without a car or an airplane?

Furthermore, did you know there are still ACTIVE igloo communities in Alaska????? I didn't.

Learned a lot of interesting things. I also took a picture of this for all the teachers out there in case they want to return to some 'good 'ole school rules'.

There was so much more to see and I'd recommend going there for a couple of hours. Just make sure that you are there sometime around the afternoon. That's when some of the other activities/options open up. We arrived there around 9:30 and were gone by 11am.

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