Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 7 in Alaska- Wading into Wonder Lake

Finally destination for us was Wonder Lake. It's the nearest stop along the Denali bus trip to Mount McKinley. On a clear day it would look like this.

Isn't that just gorgeous? Needless to say we did not have a clear day unfortunately. This was our view of Wonder Lake.

The water was COLD! Not ice cold obviously, but cold.

Nick's brother and Alaskan native- Tony decided the water was definitely warm enough for a swim. He was the ONLY ONE who felt inclined to get more than his legs wet.

After a quick meal, we set off on another hike. I can't remember the name of the trail for this one, but it was the "other" trail... the first one was to Wonder Lake.... this one was the "other". Again.... there are very few trails here.

The scenery was beautiful, but again still there was too much "fog, smoke, mist, something" in the air which prevented us from seeing one of the biggest attractions in Denali..... the grand mountain itself.

I'd also like to add that mosquitoes in Alaska are NOTHING to laugh about! They are HUGE, they are EVERYWHERE in SWARMS waiting to attack. And Wonder Lake also has a reputation for having TONS of mosquitoes. So yes.... protective gear here is a necessity. You can go to Alaska without one and laugh if you like at those wearing headgear, but you'll probably only last a few minutes before asking to borrow one yourself. Just saying.

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