Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 8 in Alaska- Back on the Bus

Today is our last day in Alaska. So we unfortunately had to leave the rest of the "team" behind in Denali and take the first bus out of the park so we could be in Anchorage and at the airport in time for our flight. But I think it was to our advantage to have taken the early bus out. We saw so much wildlife by leaving the Wonder Lake campsite on the 6:30am bus.

We saw 2 grizzly bears just a few miles out on the road from Wonder Lake!

Next high up in the mountain we saw a herd of Dall sheep. They look like dots and I was zoomed in to the max on my camera. I would have missed them completely except for someone on the bus sighted them through their binoculars.

At the Denali Visitor Center they had a plastic replica of what they look like up close.

And of course, we saw more caribou!

I believe we saw all of the main animals that were displayed or shown in the visitor's center at Denali. Just not Mount McKinley. I guess at least I'm not alone and will join the club of the 70 percenters.

Final tip on Denali National Park, other than purchasing a bus ticket into the park, is GO EARLY! That seemed to be when we saw several different types of animals.

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