Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 8 in Alaska- Denali State Park & an Earthquake

As we exited the Denali National Park and took the Parks Highway south to Anchorage, we started to notice that the weather was clearing up. So we decided to try and stop at the Denali State Park to try one last time to see if we could see Mount McKinley.

After passing through plenty of road construction and Brian stopping along the side of the highway so his tourist wife could take a picture of a moose having a mid-day snack.....

... we entered the Denali State Park and got a better view of the mountains before us.

Minutes after exiting our vehicle and standing near the informational plaques we felt an earthquake. We learned later at the airport it was deemed a 6.2 magnitude and one of the largest earthquakes in Alaska's recent history. Apparently though it is not usual for Alaska to have earthquakes and particularly not in Denali. Interesting isn't it? We didn't expect to feel our first earthquake in Alaska, especially since Irving, Texas (only miles away from our home in Arlington, TX) has had several small earthquakes recently.

Back to the subject, here was the view from Denali State Park. While you can't exactly see all of Mount McKinley.... do you see the glacier (or white snow) on top of the mountain? That is the base or part of the bottom of Mount McKinley.

So... did we see it? Did we not see it? I'm going with "kind of". Did we see great scenery? Absolutely. Anyway if you don't succeed in seeing Mount McKinley at Denali National Park, just drive a few hours south and you can always try again at the Denali State Park.

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