Sunday, July 12, 2015

Independence Day Weekend at Table Rock Lake

Last weekend, we were invited to stay with my aunt Joann and uncle Don at their cabin on Table Rock Lake. After Alaska, I was looking forward to some relaxation on the water.

Sophie's favorite thing was swimming in the water. She loved having someone jump in with her and play.

Connor wasn't so much of a fan of the water.

However, he loved anything with a motor and you'd often find him asking to drive or in the driver's side of the boat or gater. Joann took him on multiple trash runs just so he could sit on her lap and steer the gator to the dumpsters.

Ainsley seemed to enjoy most things. It took her awhile to adjust to the life jacket, but once she did she seemed to like swimming.

She also enjoyed standing up in the back of the gator and watching Don or Joann drive (with Connor on someones lap to help make those crucial turns).

She was pretty cute on the boat as well as the wind whipped through her little hair. 

And it didn't prevent her either one day from her nap-time schedule.

It was so relaxing to be out on the boat letting the wind whip through our hair.

Of course, we can't just relax... that would be kinda boring, right? So why not learn to water ski? It took a lot of falling down and I drank a lot of lake water....

but eventually I did it!

Once you stand up and stay up... even if it's just for 10 seconds... you feel like a million dollars.

On Independence Day, Don & Joann took us out in the boat to finish the night off with a fireworks show courtesy of one of the towns and other lakeside residents who decided to set off their own fireworks.

Ainsley was entraced by the fireworks. She loved just watching for the lights.

Connor on the other hand was a much louder spectator and enjoyed yelling "BOOM BOOM BOOM" when the the fireworks burst into the air.

It was a wonderful vacation which we won't soon forget. It's a nice reminder that sometimes the best vacations don't include hopping from place to place and spending tons of money... but relaxing with family and friends and enjoying nature... and water skiing.

Thanks Aunt Joann & Uncle Don!

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