Sunday, August 16, 2015

Baby Savage Coming Soon!

After years of hoping and praying, I am becoming an aunt! And I'm so lucky to be becoming an aunt this year, but also next year! Blessing abound!

The kiddos are equally excited about getting some cousins!

Last weekend, Ainsley and I travelled up to Kansas to participate in Baby Savage's baby shower. While there Ainsley got to bond with some kiddos closer to her age, particularly her distant cousin Harper who is only weeks ahead of her in age.

We had a great time celebrating Kayla and her baby. It was probably one of the nicest showers I've been too. They had it at the Old Volland store and the decorations were amazing.

Although the trip was short we are continuing our countdown for the arrival of Baby Savage! Hopefully within two months I'll be getting to meet my little niece or nephew!

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