Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to ROCK Parent Orientation

Yesterday we had our parent orientation and let me just say- NAILED IT!

My classroom was ready and looking clean and neat.

Except for my desk... don't look at my desk.

YOU LOOKED AT MY DESK! Oh I am so embarrassed. Oh well... baby steps.

My parents came it and took a paint chip, which they put their contact information on it. Thank you unnamed store for your inadvertent generosity in providing these paint chips to me unknowing their use.

Then I had a newsletter for them... written in English AND Spanish. BAM!

While the parents were busy filling out paint chips, I had my students find their name on a pendant. Once they found theirs, I had them fill it out and color it.

After everyone left... I took a few minutes to cut out and hang up my student's pendents.

We are all ready for school on Monday!

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