Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On the Move Again

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy and the MAIN reason is the fact that we moved from Arlington to Garland, TX to be closer to our jobs.

In Brian fashion, we did all the moving, packing, unpacking, and cleaning ourselves. That's right... my life was miserable!

Anyway, here are some tips for those of you who chose to move yourself:

1. Don't do it. If you can afford NOT to move yourself don't do it. If you want a great workout opportunity, go to a gym and still have the movers do it. If you are moving for a job, double check because sometimes your job will pay for a moving company to move you at no personal expense. If you don't have a choice because you have a husband who thinks "eh we've done it before....", well then... my deepest sympathies.

2. Don't buy boxes. Why on earth would you spend money on cardboard boxes that are going to be used once for packing and then sit in a garage for years or just get thrown away. Save your money. If you talk to the people at your local grocery stores or Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar Store locations they will give you the empty stocking boxes they have.

3. Cheapest place to rent a moving van (at least in the Dallas area) is Enterprise. And no matter what the other person says... Yes it is worth it to get one with a lift gate. I can give you 1 good reason- REFRIDGERATOR! Also might want to rent an appliance handtruck. I can give you several good reasons- Washer, Dryer, Refridgerator, Dressers, and anything else that is just really friggen heavy.

4. If you have children.... do not have them help you move. Things will take a thousand times longer, kids won't be supervised very well while you are hauling items in and out. Plus, your moving vehicle rents by the day... the longer it takes to load and unload costs money. Which I'm assuming for people who are interested in this... you are trying to save money wherever you can. Trust me when I say that it is worth it to have a daycare or babysitter watch your children while you move.

5. Before you load and unload it might be useful to have someone measure the big stuff to make sure which door it will fit through. Sometimes items are so large that you have to get creative on how you get them inside through hallways and inside doorways. Make sure you have on hand a tape measure. Just a tip... the front door is usually wider than garage doors, side doors, and interior doors. So if something can't fit through the side door, there is a good chance you'll have to either disassemble it further or take it through the front door.

I've told Brian that this is the last time I think I can do this- the whole packing, unpacking, moving and cleaning thing. It seems like we move every 2 years and it's driving me mad. I think even the kiddos are tired of packing and moving their little things.

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