Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Few Weeks

School has gotten off to a great start. Seems like each week contains a specific highlight... at least for me and my class.

On the first week, my class and Sophie's class coordinated an experiment involving Mentos Mints and various bottles of soda. I've always wanted to do this. I actually even got the Headmaster involved.

Week 2 my class performed their first poetry recitation. I was quite proud of them. I see so much potential in them, but I also see many roadblocks and hurdles in their way based on their past, family, and lifestyle.... aka- things I can't change.

And this week, Week 3, the highlight is a bit different. My own kids are sick, specifically Sophie and Ainsley. Ainsley still has an ear infection and therefore has received stronger antibiotics.  Sophie has a viral infection and has been puking for over 12 hours now. I'm told it goes away.... eventually. Needless to say... this week has been the roughest of them all.

Overall though Sophie has done amazing in school. We used to get many orange and red days regarding Sophie's behavior at her previous school. These past few weeks... nothing but green and even 2 blue days. She's the belle of the school and EVERYONE knows whose daughter she is.

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