Monday, September 28, 2015

September Review

So I have been horribly neglect of blogging. Most of my time has been spent working on work or working at home... and things have just seemed to slide by. Here is a quick review of the month.

#1 Work is going well, and you can see such a difference compared to Dallas ISD! And while work life is amazing, many of us are still struggling with the effects of inadequate teaching or poor administrative decisions which pushed kids through the system despite having mastered the prior grade level curriculum. But we are definitely working on fixing that.

#2 We've done another experiment at school- dissolving the shells from chicken eggs using vinegar. Pictures to come soon! And have now completed 2 poetry recitations.

#3 Sophie got sick this month  and while she spent about 12 hours vomitting, I spent about 12 hours cleaning up the vomit. Not a great day off. Don't worry.... no pictures to post on this one!

#4 Ainsley has been having ear infections all month, so we've been rotating between days off and trips to the doctor.

#5 Brian celebrated his birthday with us at home. He is now actually the same age as me. That age isn't 29 therefore it is irrelevant.

#6 We recently lost a family member just days ago and we are still grieving. The kids don't know, but eventually we will have to have the conversation. If anyone has any good tips for explaining an unexpected loss, please feel free to post below. For right now we are just waiting. Waiting.... waiting.

Look forward to more pictures- hopefully posted this weekend, and I hope to be blogging more in October.... sorry I failed so many times during September.

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