Sunday, October 18, 2015

Remembering Alaska

It's been 5 months since our last big adventure to Corrie & Nick's wedding in Alaska.

I've been so busy with school and life lately that I've missed a lot of opportunities to just relax and reminisce. Recently, I saw more Alaska pictures were added to the Dropbox. (These pictures were taken by someone in our group, but not me personally so I cannot take credit for these amazing pictures).

I often wonder how Corrie (also a teacher) is doing. How marriage is going? And I sometimes wonder how I would do teaching in the remote city of Galena, Alaska.

But I also wonder if we will ever go back to Alaska. And if we do... what will we do there? We did so much there 5 months ago that I feel satisfied. However, is there something anything I'm missing?

Well I will say I DON'T miss those monster mosquitos. And you'll be happy to know that I have not complained about mosquitoes since I've return to the continental US.

Thanks for the good memories Corrie. And thank you everyone who shared pictures in the Dropbox so I can stop, relax, and remember the time we all had together!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Playtime

While in Kansas this past weekend, we got to spend some family time with the Kansas Oney and Savage clan in Alma. One of the kids favorite memories from the short weekend was a trip to the Little Munchkin's Pumpkin Patch in Alma.

It was one of the best pumpkin patches we'd been to and they had so many fun things for the kids.

The kiddos loved the animals. Poor Ainsley just never could catch up to the ducks.

Connor's favorite part probably had to be the train ride.

Although all 3 kids had fun going down the tube slide. Ainsley is fearless and did not want to just watch the other two slide down.

Then Sophie loved the little zipline.

We currently pause this blog for a Man Moment:

We will now return to the blog post and show how Connor eventually hopped on for a trip or two.

And of course these are my children, so we had to have some picture opportunities. Little Ainsley wanted a picture opportunity by herself. Was not happy to have to sit there with her siblings, she wanted her own little picture opportunity.

We now pause this blog post for a cuteness ad.

We now resume the blog to say a special thank you to Kayla for taking all these pictures. And thank you John, Kayla, and LaNelle for a special family memory. It's things like this that make my heart smile.