Sunday, January 15, 2017

One Year Later...

So it's literally been over a year since I last signed on and posted anything.

I discovered that having 3 children, a teaching job (3rd grade), and just trying to keep up with everything (including blogging) was becoming very difficult. So I kept putting the blog on the side while focusing on STAAR tests, dirty diapers, potty training, and life in general. And recently none of those things have really changed, we are still incredibly busy and we are still a family with 3 children (for now).

However, thought it would be nice to update everyone on our life this past year (particularly since we failed to send out Christmas cards and letters this year... again).

Brian is still working for Dean Foods and loves it. Recently, he became the Senior FP&A manager there. However, because he's still in the milk industry and his job is complicated- we continue to say he's a "milk man".

Stacey (me) is still teaching at a charter school in Dallas and doing her 2nd run at 3rd grade. Over the summer she got accepted into a Leadership program geared with turning teachers into Headmasters (fancy word for Principals). She won a grant for her school to increase the classroom library- thank you author James Patterson!

Sophia is in 2nd grade and 3rd grade. She splits her time between both of those grades. She's doing 3rd grade phonics/spelling, math, and literature. Then she spends the remainder of her time with her peers in 2nd grade. She keeps asking when she'll be all 3rd grade or all 2nd grade and we really don't have a good answer for her yet. She's also asked if next year she'll be in the 3rd grade again or 4th. Not 100% sure of that answer either.

Connor is now in Pre-K and will start Kindergarten next year (watch out school!). He's doing great behavior wise and recently we've started Hooked on Phonics at home. We have wanted to do more reading and phonics with him recently; however, the constant problem of getting him to clean his room first is often a hindrance and prevents some of the time we could be learning. The way Connor talks you'd think we asked him to build an ark in an hour and load animals in it within 30 minutes.

Ainsley is talking so much more. She is not potty trained yet despite multiple tries. We have the potty out, the daycare teacher is on board, Ainsley is rebelling. She tries to make up for it with lots of hugs and cuddles. So far the terrible twos haven't been horrible with her; however, I'm sure we'll endure more trials when she turns 3.

Baby #4 is due in the middle of May. Yes, we are expecting a little boy. Connor is very excited to share his room and sandbox with his baby brother. Sophie is already selecting names and telling everyone she knew mom was going to have a baby boy (she's predicting I'll have 2 more children after this). Baby #4 currently doesn't have a name because... well.... we haven't started the spreadsheet. Once we do I'll try and share. (Leave it to an Engineer to need a Spreadsheet).

Last but not least- over the Christmas holidays, Brian and I took a 10 year anniversary trip to Europe. Over the next several days I'll attempt to add pictures and descriptions of the places we went on the blog for your enjoyment.

The Oney Family

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