Thursday, February 16, 2017

Come to Cologne- Kolner Dom

One of Germany's biggest attractions, Kolner Dom, or Cologne Cathedral is the oldest Gothic church in Northern Europe.

Construction started in 1248, but has continued at various points throughout history. One specific reconstruction was undertaken after 95% of the building was destroyed by Allied bombing during World War 2.

Inside the cathedral are the supposed relics and skulls of the Three Kings, who visited the baby Jesus after his birth. They remains of the Three Kings is enclosed in the shrine.

The architecture within is beautiful.

However, there are still several repairs being made on the inside as well. Within the walls is one of the tools that were used when making medieval repairs.

While it was a quick trip, it was an impressive building surrounded by lots of new high rise buildings. But we didn't have lots of time for visiting Cologne, so on to more adventures in Europe.

Chauffeur’s Corner (Brian)
So my terrible look in the first picture is due to a couple things – 1) namely like 4 hours of sleep 2) very cold morning 3) several aggressive beggars nearby.

I didn’t sleep well because there must have been a hotel nearby as we heard several ambulances throughout the night along with the rail line.
Fortunately that same rail line allowed us quick access to Kolner Dom (which is why I had booked that hotel).

Kolner Dom was really impressive, especially considering that it was bombed during WW2. The cathedral was incredibly long, chilly and pretty with its many stained glass motifs.

We spent about 30-45 minutes at Kolner Dom and then hit the road for Paris, via Luxembourg. 

I am sure there is much more to see in Cologne, but it definitely felt like an industrial town and Kolner Dom was the only thing that we really wanted to see there.

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