Friday, February 10, 2017

Meet you Frankfurt

 Ready for a funny story. At my school, there are only 2 third grade teachers- myself and Ms. ElJizi. We work together in a small school in Dallas, Texas. And we both spent part of our Christmas break in Europe. It just so happened that we both were in a small suburb in Frankfurt at the same time. It was just hilarious how we we both managed to connect over 5,000 miles away.

We didn't stay long, we had more countries to visit, but it was nice to hang out and share some sausage in Germany with a fellow teacher and friend.

Chauffeur’s Corner (Brian)
All day from when we left Munich to the castle to Rothenburg, my phone had had spotty access to cell reception and data. So, I wasn’t sure if Stacey would be able to reach our friend Ms. El-Jizi. We were lucky enough to reach her about 30 minutes before we passed through Frankfurt. And we found our way to Wiesbaden, which is west of Frankfurt.

We met Ms. El-Jizi and her sister-in-law and we enjoyed food at the local Christmas market and walked around. Unfortunately my ticket woes continued, as I could not find my parking garage ticket, so I had to get a Lost Ticket…like $25..and as I return to the car and get in, I see it fell between the console and the driver’s seat – sick to my stomach.

Only way to cure that is to drive 3 more hours to Cologne. We got there around 10pm and promptly fell asleep after I parked the car on the sidewalk of a side street, like several of the other hotel patrons.

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