Saturday, March 18, 2017

On to Oxford

After missing Windsor Castle, we pressed forward and made our way into Oxford University. It was sunset by the time we arrived so our explorations were quick. I think it would be almost easier to tell you all the things we didn't see than the things we did see. However, we did see some beautiful architecture while we were there.

Unfortunately of all the places we saw, this one we probably could have should have spent more time exploring. Considering this school is the home to J.R. R. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, and Stephen Hawking it would be amazing to see their contributions around campus. Less important is that parts of Harry Potter were also filmed here. But time was limited and I don't regret stopping and our quick fly-by, but if you have the time I'm sure it's worth spending more time here.

Chauffeur's Corner:
So we could focus on the stuff that we didn't see, or the fact that we literally had only planned on doing a drive-by in our original schedule. However, the 90 minutes we spent in Oxford was very enjoyable. We hadn't researched much about it and only Stacey really knew much about it. I found parking and we literally just walked around discovering several streets and walkways around the university. It definitely had the atmosphere of a college setting, even though it was winter break.

Oxford may be more memorable about my near-miss driving incident. As we were leaving Oxford University, we approached an irregular intersection (multiple streets at odd angles). As we followed the GPS, to turn left I momentarily forgot about the whole "drive on the left" thing. So I drove to the right of the cars waiting on their light to turn green. Right as I passed by them and noticed cars headed my direction in the lane I was in, I quickly moved to the left 2 lanes. Very fortunately we were no worse for the wear...and fortunately no police saw the incident :)

That definitely opened my eyes for the short drive to our hotel, which was situated on the River Thames.

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