Sunday, May 7, 2017

Going Fourth

Since the fall, our family has been expecting the addition of our fourth child. The kids have been super excited about baby brother. Connor is ready to have a brother whom he can share a bedroom with, while Sophie has been critical of most of our names (her choices of Noah and Jose were rejected poor child). And Ainsley, well she didn't know much what to expect except to point to my stomach and say "Baby".

After many doctor appointments, a week of bed rest, a panicked run to the hospital on a Sunday, we eventually managed to start the process of evicting our son from my body on Monday, May 1st. We visited Dr. Martin, who encouraged us to go to Baylor after our 10:15 appointment.

Once monitored and settled, it was clear Colin had received our eviction notice, but was taking his time- which actually worked in our favor considering I had Strep B and needed to extra time for the antibiotics to enter my body and thus help him.

Originally we were hoping that we could be done and have him before Sophie's school ended at 3:30, but no such luck. Instead they managed to just get my epidural in around 3pm and poke me with an IV about 6 times on my arms. Brian had to collect the kids and get them prepared for a possible long night in the hospital. When he was gone, the doctor wanted to break my water. I managed to get them to push the time back a bit so Brian could be with me (sans children) when it happened.

Luckily, 30 minutes later he had dropped off all 3 children with Ms. Norrell and was in the room beside me. There is something so helpful in having someone there. We had lots of good jokes, games with antacids, and funny memories of previous births that helped create memories.

After breaking my water, it took about an hour to go from a 6 to a 10. After 4 series of pushes (roughly 30 minutes maybe), Colin David Oney was out of my womb and into the world.

And I have to say... I LOVE my doctor- Dr. Amy Martin.

And our nurse Erin was fantastic as well!

If it wasn't for their help- I'm not sure it would have been as easy to evict a little someone.

Brian's Beliefs
Monday was quite a day...I drove all of the kids to school and then headed to work. I finished off a couple hours of work before Stacey showed up. We left for her appointment and later we found out that only an hour after we had left there was officer shot only a couple blocks from my work (and they locked down the entire area - so luckily we weren't there).

We completed Stacey's newest tradition of taking a walk around the park near her Dr (while I ate the Subway sandwich that Stacey bought me) and then headed to Baylor hospital. I was hoping that Colin would come along by around 1 or 2...but I knew better. Then we realized that we hadn't really planned for the possibility, so I undertook #OperationOney to drive from the hospital to daycare (pick up 2 youngest) to home (to get overnight and next day clothes for kids) to school (to hand off kids & clothes to Ms. Norrell) to the hospital. This was a 50 mile roundtrip that took nearly 2 was a rush and the kids did a good job of focusing on getting everything done timely...except for Ainsely who told me halfway to the van at daycare that she needed to potty, ha.

Stacey did all of the hard work..and a few times I was worried about her shade of blue face...but it was good that I didn't work out because helping her really wore out my arms and shoulders, ha. It was tough waiting around in the morning to have things happen, but then it was probably more tiring with all of the activity after birth. Fortunately for Colin we figured out his name before the day of birth, unlike Ainsley, ha.

Luckily, things proceeded quickly enough that the kids were able to spend the night at home with me. The kids were able to see baby brother, but they all needed some sleep and so did I, as we got home around 11pm.

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