Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Hunt is On

With no family nearby and me restricted to the city of Dallas due to my pregnancy, we tried to do some fun family things around home for Easter. One of those things was an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the city of Rockwall.

The kids' current Easter buckets were full of goodies and hidden and we couldn't locate the previous years' Easter baskets- so each kid ended up carrying a reusable bag. Oh well. The point is it's functionally able to complete the job.

They had the field divided into age groups, so Connor and Ainsley got to go first. Sophie helped raise the rope for everyone when it was time to start. Connor, a natural at this by now, quickly shoved every egg he could fine in his bag with Brian beside him giving him advice (and maybe even a spaghetti diagram of the field and opportunity analysis of collection techniques).

Ainsley took an alternative collection method and picked up every pink or purple egg she could find. All those eggs of alternative colors (yellow, blue, or green) were discarded in order to fill her bag up with more pink and purple eggs. She was so proud of herself as she walked away from the field with a bag full of only pink and purple eggs.

Sophie got a larger field with more egg-celent opportunities. Brian gave her the pep talk, but when the whistle sounded she raced out into the field alone. We actually ended up losing track of her a bit due to all the kids, but she came back smiling with a large load of eggs.

Afterwards, the kids helped separate the candy from the plastic eggs.

We then went to go see the Easter Bunny. Sophie and Connor had no problem going up and getting a picture. Ainsley wouldn't touch the Easter bunny with a 10 foot pole. Even when Connor and Sophie showed her how harmless the Easter bunny was she was still not convinced.

Before heading back home for lunch and a nap, the kids went to one of the 'bounce houses'. Well... kind of. Sophie and Connor made it all the way up and then down the slide. Ainsley made it up all the way except for the last 2 steps, then saw how far up she was and worked her way back down the makeshift ladder.

Even though the kids got a bit of a sugar high it was a nice outing to take the kids.

Brian's Beliefs
It was clear that there were more shenanigans in the lower age group egg hunt with parents. Always interesting how competitive or degenerate parents get when it comes to getting free stuff for their kids. In all fairness, it wasn't as interesting as our egg hunt in Camden Arkansas.

I have to admit that I did strategize with Sophie since her field had many kids...the plan was to head to the middle of the field where the mother-lode was located. The first photo was Sophie sprinting out to the spot and the 2nd photo is immediately after she had literally dove onto the grass to commence egg collection.

Overall it was good weather and a good time.

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