Monday, May 8, 2017

Welcome to the Family Colin David

As we adjust to becoming parents of 4 children.... (I can't believe God has deemed us responsible enough to care for 4 children).... we wanted to share some pictures of Colin meeting the rest of his family.

We were so lucky to have Missy and Brian Norrell to watch our 3 during this time, and they are quickly integrating their way into our children's hearts and our family's life. So we were so glad to have them with us to meet Colin upon his arrival.

We've been grateful for all the love and care that has surrounded our family. Even though things sometimes become challenging or difficult, someone has always helped us. And for that we are truly grateful and will never forget that kindness and love they add to our family.

Sophie continues to be proud to be a big sister, but sometimes views her role being more of a "younger parent". We are still working on the job title with her as well as her roles and responsibilities.

Connor is very happy to have a brother whom will share his room and hopefully his energy for finding worms and digging tunnels in the sandbox. Although he did promise that he would teach Colin NOT to pee on his sisters (something Connor has done); he thought it was pretty cool that when he held Colin... Colin farted on him. He loved it. I guess that is how the Oney boys bond.

Ainsley is still learning about what it means to have a "baby" in the family. But she loves to point at him and call him "baby". Plus she enjoys pointing out his "toes", "ears", "head", and other various features. She continues to have a strong bond with Sophie, which will hopefully help her get through the transition from my "littlest little" to a "big sister".

And Brian has another boy. And another child that looks like him. I mean the rest of the kids all look like him... why not another? Right now, Ainsley is definitely a daddy's girl, so hopefully Colin doesn't complicate that relationship, but enhances the kids' love for their father.

Thank you for all the well wishes, the cards, the caring words, the loving deeds, and the prayers you send to our family. We continue to find God's grace in our lives.

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