Saturday, June 24, 2017

Police Academy- Oney Version

As a community there are often times when we could join together to better our area, our schools, and even our neighborhoods. However, it's often easier to just stay inside our own bubble of friends and only focus within our family unit. 

However, it is nice and encouraging when someone reaches out and assists another. We were shopping at Sprouts and the kids wanted to park next to the Police car. I actually love parking near a police vehicle... I figure people are less likely to break into my car if it is next to a police vehicle. Anyway, as we walked towards Sprouts the policemen came out and Connor waved at them and told them that we parked next to them. The Rowlett police then offered the kids a chance to sit inside the police car. 

Everyone was thrilled! Connor turned on the lights and even pushed the siren button. Sophie got to sit in the drivers seat next to the computer. Ainsley just focused on sitting next to her sister. 

Afterwards all the kids (even Colin) got a sticker. It was so nice of the police to go out of their way to entertain my children. They could have just waved and gone on their way, but instead they stopped to spend time with my kids, let them ask questions, and play around in their squad car. For that kindness I will always appreciate them. Thank you Rowlett police!

PS- No criminals were arrested during this time, however, I'm sure that Rowlett is a safer place now that we have some newly aspired police officers in the city.

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