Friday, June 30, 2017

Vacation Bible School Performance

Our children love Vacation Bible School. Sophie and Connor just finished the week of VBS learning about Paul's mission to spread the Good News. On the last day they had their song performances.

First we begin with their clan chants. Connor was in the Aurelius tribe.

Sophie was in the Octavian clan.

And then of course they had their songs. Ainsley LOVED the songs. As you can see she was happy to join in with the other kids.

 Connor was a bit skittish about joining in at first, but once he was by his family, he went crazy with dancing along.

Sophie of course has no problem being the center of attention. She also made some friends and insisted that she get pictures with them. :) Sophie makes friends no matter where she goes... unless it's one of her siblings and they have to clean a room together... in which case you'd think they'd been enemies for years.

Thank you VBS for another wonderful year with our children.

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