Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Old Fashioned Fourth

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

Today we decided to visit Dallas Heritage Village for their Old Fashioned Fourth celebration event. Before we joined the festivities, Sophie gave us a tour.

First we stopped at the bank.

Brian was prepped to be the get-away driver in case Connor and Sophie were able to grab some bags of cash. Ainsley and Colin were the "look outs". Unfortunately there wasn't any cash.

Next Sophie informed us that we were in the Little House in the Big Woods. During Sophie's field trip, her teacher- Mrs. Norrell used this opportunity to show the kids how this cabin was similiar to the student's literature book by Laura Ingalls Wilder. So... no it's not the exact one... but it's a good example.

Next door was the Millermore Mansion, which makes the "Little House in the Big Woods" cabin seem much smaller beside it.

This house even had it's own bathroom (read- out house).

Next we traveled to Sophie's favorite house- Gano Log House - more specifically the farm house. She takes after me in this respect.

The house has a garden with a "skeleton" according to Connor.

But a farm house isn't complete without chickens. Got to have chickens.

And then SHEEP! I've been teasing Brian for years (well since we honeymooned in Ireland 10 years or so ago) that I've got to get a house with a yard big enough for sheep. Brian does not think this is funny.

Nearby is the blacksmith shop. The guy was wonderful at explaining how he makes things from metal.

By this time the parade passed by.

We took a break on the main street to partake in some games. The kids had brought their money to buy tickets to play games. They loved it.

They also got a free candy stick- WIN!

Afterwards, we went back to school. But since it was the summer there was "no more teachers, no more books,..."

Should you wish to visit and don't mind a small room with no AC, you can book a room at Hotel Worth. No online bookings available... and no credit cards accepted... and no parking... and no indoor plumbing. You know what... go somewhere else.

Ready to find a more comfortable hotel, but need transportation. Well there is a train station right next door.

Oh never mind... the track doesn't go very far. No trains headed in or out.

Looks like you are headed in and out via foot. Might want to stop at the grocery store. Pick up some food for your long journey. Sophie will take your order of plastic fruits and vegetables.

However plastic food is not nutritious and unsatisfying. The kids found a popcorn seller cart and were more than happy to part with some of their allowance money. All in all, a good day, but incredibly hot. But it was nice to get out of the house and learn some history this July 4th.

For more information about Dallas Heritage Village, click the link HERE. 

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