Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lapbook- Pilgrims, Indians, Mayflower, & Thanksgiving

You know I thought I was done with all the activities for my children... and then the evening came... and then I spent some time on Pintrest... and then I thought, wow... I should do a "lapbook" for Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims.

Pintrest may make me a better teacher, it however... I really do love sleep. And need sleep since we leave TOMORROW!  Well ... now today.

Here are the print offs-
Information on the Indians
Information on the Pilgrims
Venn Diagram- Thanksgiving Then & Now (this costs)
Pilgrim Paper Doll
Thanksgiving Tracing Book
Columbus Maze
Thanksgiving Tracing Worksheets
Thankful Bubble Chart
Mayflower Coloring Page
First Thanksgiving Mini-Book
Mayflower Compact Worksheet
Journey of the Mayflower
Label the Mayflower
What the Pilgrims' Packed Worksheet
Compare Native Americans & Pilgrims
Pilgrims & Indians Life Sort
Venn Diagram- Pilgrims & Indians
Pilgrims & Native American Kids Coloring
Thanksgiving Mini-Unit (Tons of Venn Diagrams & Writing Prompts)
Thankful Turkey Craft
Turkey Pattern
Label a Turkey
Thanksgiving Placemat Word Search
Squanto Worksheets

Looking at the prints and worksheets you can make this work for early elementary or late elementary. Which is good considering I can make one for each of my kiddos... and another to save for possibly teaching.

I just used a 2 normal manila folders gluing them together, glue, scissors, the print outs, and 3 regular envelops which I cut to make pockets for Pilgrims, Indians, and Pilgrim's supplies from the Mayflower.

Sorry the pictures came out fuzzy, but I used the camera on my laptop since my camera was already packed for the trip.

Well I think I'm done being crafty for now and I'm just going to focus on getting some sleep and being a superstar driver. Hope this helps others who are looking for activities for home or school.  Enjoy! And have a great Thanksgiving!

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