Thursday, November 27, 2014

Windy Adventure through Mohican State Park

One of the things I wanted to do while we were in Ohio was go hiking. I think on most of our trips during Thanksgiving, we've always tried to do some hiking. And while yes I figured it would be cold, I did not expect the wind.

As we entered Mohican State Park, it was filled with thousands of trees... and several tree limbs that seemed to be blocking the road.

I didn't wan to turn around just because a few branches blocked our way... I mean come on... let's have an adventure! So when we did encounter brush on the road, I got out and started clearing the road. It was actually fun. I got exercise and it smelled like Christmas trees!

Once I even got help from the Park Rangers. They were very nice and informed me if I wanted any of the branches to make wreathes or use as firewood I was free to pack it up in the van and take it home with me. I declined.

 It was definitely an adventure, but I didn't want something that we could fix to prevent us from spending some time outdoors and seeing... wait for it.... a covered bridge.

Ohio is known for it's covered bridges. And while yes I realize it is JUST a bridge... the working Grist Mill that I also wanted to see was closed... the fire tower we could climb was unsafe with the wind... the Lyons Falls hiking trail didn't seem possible with my fellow companions... so dang it I at least wanted to do/see something. And therefore... the covered bridge.

And while the weather does continue to get colder, perhaps though we will return

Well.... maybe WITHOUT the kiddos.

For more information about Mohican State Park click HERE!

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